Your Building is Probably an Energy Hog

If you didn’t already know most commercial buildings are energy hogs and your power bill every month may reflect that. There is probably hidden energy saving opportunities in your building that can be implemented right now to save energy and in turn reduce your monthly bill.

The energy services department at Utah Yamas Controls can perform a full energy audit of your building and turn the data collected into actionable intelligence. This will give you a road map to begin to see energy savings. Part of that road is adding intelligent building analytics. This software will provide benefits such as: benchmarking, dashboards, easily understand potential savings, easily spot and rectify anomalies and more. From building automation systems to electric meters, thermostats, appliances and even individual sensors of all types are now capable of communicating valuable information about their environment. Access to this data opens the door to reduce your energy consumption and cost.  

To begin your journey to better energy efficiency contact us today and speak with our energy experts.


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