The Code of Belimo Model Numbers


Those letters and numbers that make up the model number of Belimo products aren’t just random, they tell you the exact specifications of the equipment, provided you know what to look for. We can help you decipher the code and make it easier to select the right piece of equipment for your application.

For this posting we’ll be focusing on spring return and non-spring return damper actuators but we’ll be posting others soon. You can always call us at (888) 999-8824 if you have questions.

Just for fun: Do you know why the company is called Belimo? Even it’s name is a code. The company was founded in Switzerland and the name is derived from the German words Beraten, Liefern and Motieren. Those translate to Consulting, Supply and Assembly. You learn something new every day!

Now back to the model number code. The first image shows the code for spring return damper actuators.

The first set of letters deals with minimum torque and speed. If the speed is just normal it won’t have a letter assigned and you’ll only need the torque letters, the same goes for options. The numbers in the model represent power supply. Then onto control options, switches and the NEMA housing. After all the options have been selected the model # of this particular actuator is EFX24-MFT-S N4.

Belimo Model Number Spring Return

Next let’s look at Non-Spring Return.

Non Spring Return Belimo

You’ve now broken the code of Belimo damper actuators. If you have any questions about Belimo don’t hesitate to call us at (866) 999-8824 and talk to one of our product specialist. We also have a wide selection of Belimo products in our web store where you can shop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.






Energy Conservation Makes Sense

Despite perceptions to the contrary, energy-efficient offices are not expensive, difficult to manage or
inflexible. They don’t hamper productivity or comfort either. Energy conservation measures which work
well are reliable, straightforward, and compatible with both management and user needs. Further
opportunities to improve energy efficiency can be sought during refurbishment, renovation, or office
reconfiguration, when it can be planned in the budget.
Investments at the time of renovation often carryhandsome paybacks and improvements to the business.
Section IV gives examples of specific energy conservation measures that can be implemented by the
building owner’s energy service provider. Techniques that progress from fundamental control to more
advanced and integrated applications are outlined for the reader.