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Echelon FTT-10 Adapter w/ Cable

Continuum Echelon Adapter with Cable


Adapter Card Software 
Drivers for the WPA-LON-1, WPA-LON-2, and WPA-LON-3 adapter cards are included with WorkPlace Tech 5.0 software

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The WPA-LON Series® WorkPlace Communication Adapters are Echelon® LONTALK® PC adapter cards. A TAC I/A Series WorkPlace Tech PC requires a WPA-LON-x to configure and download applications to TAC I/A Series MicroNet™ Controllers. The WPA-LON-2 includes an Echelon PCC-10 LONTALK Network Adapter for a notebook (laptop) type PC. The PCC-10 is a Type II PC Card (formerly PCMCIA) with an integral LONWORKS Free Topology Transceiver (FTT-10). The adapter card is compatible with Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP. The WPA-LON-2 includes a detachable cable for plug-in connection to the LON jack on a TAC I/A Series MicroNet Controller or S-link Sensor.

Schneider Electric WPA-LON-2 Echelon FTT-10 PCMCIA Laptop Work Place Technician's Tool Communications Adapter w/Cable

SPECIFICATIONS: Adapter Card Software The required drivers for the WPA-LON-1, WPA-LON-2, and WPA-LON-3 adapter cards are already included with WorkPlace Tech 5.0 software. It is not necessary to obtain the Echelon drivers from any other source. Additional information related to the WPA-LON Series WorkPlace Communication Adapter may be found in the Echelon PCLTA-10, PCC-10, or PCLTA-20 User’s Guide, which is included with the adapter card.

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