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VC350A - AC to DC Voltage Converter, 350 mA

BAPI VC350A - AC to DC Voltage Converter, 350 mA

SKU - BA/VC350A-12-TRK

Current Output: 350mA
Voltage Output: 12 VDC
Optional Snaptrack: Includes 1.25in W section of 2.75in Snaptrack

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BAPI’s voltage converter is a cost effective way of converting 24 VAC to 5, 15 or 24 VDC for use on peripheral devices that require DC voltage. The converter is available with a 350 mA output. The converter is very compact and designed to fit into standard 2.75″ snaptrack.

Although most BAPI room units can run on 24 VAC power, converting to DC power eliminates the AC power “noise” which can affect the room sensor readings. BAPI’s tests show that fluctuating and inaccurate signal levels are possible when AC power wiring is present in the same cable as the signal lines. To minimize the AC voltage noise, the DC converter must be mounted as close to the controller as physically possible. Do not mount the converter at the sensor end of the wire, the AC will still couple into the sensor signal if you do. All fixed outputs of 5, 12 or 15 VDC are adjustable +/- 10%. The adjustable model (-ADJ) has an adjustable output of 5-24 VDC.

  • Compact & Cost Effective 350 mA unit
  • Self-resetting Thermal Fuse
  • Operation & Fault LED Indicators
  • Ruggedized Circuitry
  • Fixed or Adjustable Outputs
  • Output Protected Against Overload and Accidental Short Circuit

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