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I/NET Process Control Unit - 7716

I/NET Process Control Unit 7716 PCU (8UI's & 8DO's)

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8 DO'S, outputs also configurable for PWM outputs

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The Model 7716 Process Control Unit (PCU) is a high-speed, fully distributed microprocessor-based controller used with the TAC I/NET integrated network system. The 7716 is designed to connect directly to the controller LAN and works in conjunction with all other controllers and work stations on the TAC I/NET building management system 7700 LAN.

The 7716 supports over 200 addressable points, providing full adaptive Direct Digital Control (DDC), energy management, and process control in a single controller. The 7716 offers I/O expansion through five expansion modules.

The base 7716 controller is a single printed circuit board with a metal baseplate mounting. The baseplate provides keyhole mounting for easy installation within a Schneider Electric Universal Enclosure. All I/O connections to the 7716 are accomplished via plug-on terminal blocks.

Controller Design

The 7716 PCU hardware is based on a monolithic board design, combining processing, memory, communications and field Input/Output (I/O) functions on a single printed circuit board. The controller features quick disconnect terminals, downloadable firmware, an RS-485 LAN port, one or two RS-232 ports, a TTL port for a hand held console, and optional on-board modem drivers. The inherent reliability of this monolithic design is further enhanced with extensive transient protection, automatic self-test features and a fiber optics communications option.

Input/Output Look-up Tables For Non-linear Input Points
Point Quantity: 32 with optional expansion boards
Points on curve: 21
Curve point spacing: User-defined Interpolation algorithm
Universal Inputs: May be either Analog, Lini-Temp, Pulsed or Digital per the following specifications:

Analog Inputs
0 – 5Vdc (default) 0 – 10Vdc 0 – 20mA LTS80 LiniTemp 3-Wire 1000 Ohm RTD available via expansion board Accuracy: +/– 0.1% (0 – 5V input) 0.5% (0 – 20mA input) @ 25°C Resolution: 12-bit (0.024%) 7716 Process Control Unit A/D Digital Filtering Averaging (Notch) and glitch filters Analog Transducer Power Supply 24Vdc, 160mA max load

Discrete Inputs:
Dry contact input Contact Excitation: 5V @ 5 mA Pulse Input Rate: 4 Hz Input Duration: 120 msec min

Discrete Outputs:
Form C (SPDT) relay, 3A resistive @ 24Vac/dc On/Off/Auto switches: On board, with tri-state feedback Modes: Latched, Momentary, or PWM proportional

Analog Outputs:
Available via expansion board. 0 – 10Vdc @ 10mA 4 – 20 mA @ up to 13Vdc Accuracy: 1% typical, 3% min Resolution: 8-bit.

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