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Dwyer Carbon Monoxide Transmitter

Dwyer Carbon Monoxide Transmitter


Carbon Monoxide Transmitter

Universal Current/Voltage Outputs

Sensor: Field replaceable electrochemical

Range: CO: switch selectable 200 or 500 ppm

Coverage Area: 5000 to 7500 sq ft, typical

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  • The Series GSTA Carbon Monoxide Transmitter monitor the gas concentration in underground parking garages and loading docks.
  • Carbon monoxide is commonly used to measure the exhaust of gasoline engines, while nitrogen dioxide is used for diesel engines.
  • Field selectable current and voltage outputs allow the transmitter to be used with almost any building management controller.
  • For carbon monoxide units, the user can select the output range to be from 0 to 50 ppm or up to 0 to 500 ppm. The output can be inverted to read 20 to 4 mA or 10 (5) to 0 VDC using internal dip switches.
  • To maximize the accuracy of the Series GSTA, the sensor can be field-calibrated using the A-449 remote LCD display. When the sensor reaches the end of its life, the display will indicate that the sensor needs to be replaced.

Dwyer quality Carbon Monoxide Transmitter GSTA-C with Universal Current/Voltage Outputs.

  • Sensor: Field replaceable electrochemical, 4 years typical lifespan. Recommend calibration every 6 months.
  • Range: CO: switch selectable 200 or 500 ppm.
  • Output Drift: <5% per year in air.
  • Coverage Area: 5000 to 7500 sq ft typical.
  • Accuracy: CO=2% of reading
  • Resolution: CO=1 ppm
  • Temperature Range: -4 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C).
  • Storage Temperature: For best sensor life, 32 to 68°F (0 to 20°C).
  • Humidity Range: 15 to 90% RH constant; 0 to 99% RH intermittent.
  • Response Time: <45 seconds to 90% CO
  • Span and Zero Adjustment: Via pushbutton, using optional A-449 display.
  • Housing: UV resistant glass filled polycarbonate.
  • Output: Switch selectable 4 to 20 mA (loop powered), 0 to 5 V @ 5 mA, or 0 to 10 V@ 5 mA;
  • Switch selectable 0 to 5 V / 1 to 5 V and 0 to 10 V / 2 to 10 V;
  • Switch selectable normal or reverse output.
  • Power Supply: Current output=10 to 35 VDC;
  • Voltage output=15 to 35 VDC or 15 to 29 VAC.
  • Electrical Connection: Removable terminal block, knocks out for conduit fitting.
  • Calibration: Via pushbuttons using A-449 auxiliary display. Span gas concentration is field selectable.
  • Weight: 1 lb (.45 kg).
  • Agency Approvals: CE, Rohs.
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