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SmartStruxure Universal Input Module

SmartStruxure Universal Input Module

SKU - SXWUI16XX10001

Modular and scalable
Patented two-piece design
Hot-connect/ Hot-swap
Simple DIN-rail installation

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Analog and digital applications

This module is ideal for any mix of temperature, pressure, flow, status points, and similar inputs in a building control system. The UI-16 supports a 12 bit A/D conversion.

Counter applications

The maximum counter frequency is 25 Hz on all sixteen inputs with a minimum pulse width of 20 milliseconds. This input type is commonly used in energy metering applications.

Security applications

Supervised points are used for security applications where it is critical to know whether or not a wire has been cut or shorted. These events provide a separate indication of alarm and trouble conditions to the system.

Status indicators

Each channel has a dedicated two color (red and green) status LED that provides local monitoring of digital input types. The LED can be configured to display either red or green for each input state.


28 VDC unipolar transient voltage suppressors on all inputs protect against high-voltage shortduration transient events.

DC input power 24 VDC, 1.8 W
Input channels 16
Range -50 to 150 °C (-58 to 302 °F)
Supported thermistors

1.8 kohm, 10 kohm, and 1 kohm Balco
temperature sensor

Weight including terminal base 0.269 kg (0.59 lb)
Weight excluding terminal base      0.146 kg (0.32 lb)

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