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SmartStruxure SW Workstation Software

SmartStruxure SW Workstation Software


Push-button engineering
StruxureWare Building Operation

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  • Online updates
  • Backup and restore
  • Import / Export
  • StruxureWare Building Operation server support
  • Discovery Manager
  • Binding tool
  • Mass change
  • Two programming options: Script, and Function Block editors
  • Spreadsheet view
  • Multi-program editing
  • Optimized program execution
  • Dynamic programming
  • Reduced setup time
  • E asy to use Script Editor
  • U nderstandable program status
  • E fficient library management
  • Offline simulation and online testing
  • Library management
Processor Minimum: 1.0 GHz
Recommended: 2.0 GHz or higher
Memory Minimum: 2 GB
Recommended: 4 GB or higher
Hard Disk Minimum: 20 GB
Display Minimum: 1,024x768 pixel resolution
Graphic card Graphic card is recommended.
Drive DVD Drive is required if your copy of StruxureWare
Building Operation was delivered on disk.
Software requirements      Operating systems
Microsoft Windows XP SP3 (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 Pro (32-bit)
Microsoft Windows 7 Pro (64-bit)
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)
Required additional software
Microsoft .NET Framework 4 with Update

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