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StruxureWare / SmartStruxure Automation Server Power Supply Terminal Base

StruxureWare / SmartStruxure Automation Server Power Supply Terminal Base


StruxureWare / SmartStruxure Reliable consistent output power
This base is required for the power supply module. Delivers reliable and
consistent output power of 24 VDC to the backplane

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Modular and scalable system

This terminal base is required for the power supply. The Power Supply supports the Automation Server and its family of I/O modules. This modular system delivers power and communications on a common bus. Connecting modules is a one-step process: just slide the modules together using the built-in connectors.
A 30 W power supply can deliver power to the Automation Server and a number of I/O modules calculated from the Power Budget Table (located on page 3). If more I/O modules are needed, another power supply can be added to the bus. The power supplies are isolated from each other while also providing communication pass-through.

Polarity independent

The power supply input (from main power) and output (to modules) are galvanically isolated. This removes the risk of damage due to earth currents and permits the input power to be wired without concern for polarity matching.

Overload protection

When a power supply module’s load (total load of Automation Server, I/O modules, communication modules) exceeds its rating, the power supply will protect itself from being damaged.

Patented two-piece design

Each module can be separated from its terminal base to allow the site to be wired prior to the installation of the electronics. The patented locking mechanism serves as handles for removing the module from its base. All critical components have a protective cover that permits natural convection cooling to occur.

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