International Energy Management Leader Schneider Electric Profiles Utah Yamas On Our Success

The energy management behemoth Schneider Electric says “Utah Yamas Controls breathes new life into buildings systems.”


In a Partner Profile by Schneider Electric, Utah Yamas Controls is in the spotlight for our success with SmartStruxure Solution.

“Both Utah Yamas Controls and Schneider Electric have earned solid reputations when it comes to designing and implementing building managements systems (BMS) and security solutions.”

The article explains how Utah Yamas Controls was invited to join a design team to define the features and functions of the next-generation BMS. Utah Yamas Controls gave new life to legacy BMS systems with an innovative, backward-compatible offering: SmartStruxure solution.

“We are excited to share SmartStruxure’s powerful features with our customers as their systems grow and change. SmartStruxure’s forward-thinking/backward-compatibility approach allows customers to maximize existing BMS investments, move tried-and-tested programming to a more robust platform, and implement energy-saving sequencing on existing controllers.”

 -Scott Porter
President, Utah Yamas Controls

If you want more information on this innovative technology or how Utah Yamas Controls can help maximize your BMS investment get in touch with us today!



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